Monday, December 10, 2007

Woes of ‘flying cheaper’

We were heading to Kathmandu, Nepal. The Kathmandu flight was from Delhi at 11:45AM. The day started at around 6:00AM to catch a connecting flight from Bangalore to Delhi. Known to the uncertainties of cheaper airlines, we still hoped that we don’t get delayed. The hope was almost satisfied or that’s what we thought, cos we boarded the plane and got seated on time.

Then, something went wrong..It looked like AC was not working and we really did not mind that initially. Then came an announcement saying AC unit was not working and the plane cannot take off. The next question was for how long we need to wait and the irony is none of them had an answer! As we started feeling hot inside, all passengers disembarked the plane. It was a hot sunny day and we squatted in the shade of the plane. Time was running and people became furious. Another dismaying fact is that having fault on their side, the airline authorities did not bother to display any tinge of courtesy. Didn’t they go to any airline academy for training in dealing with the customers? It needs no further explanation to emulate the distress experienced by senior citizens/children without food and water

Apparently the AC unit got repaired and then it was realized that there was no fuel. Help from HAL was not at all timely due to internal politics with this specific airline.

It was 2-3 hours of wait in runway watching other planes landing and taking off-experience of my lifetime I should say!

The problem got fixed and we reached Delhi in time to know that we had missed our flight to Kathmandu!!! There was a “no show” for us on that flight and we could not even cancel the tickets.

Our journey continued on another flight, but will there be a “stop” to such traumatic experiences?

Monday, December 03, 2007

Being long in one organization – boon or bane?

Job-hopping has become a natural trend these days. The reasons triggering this may be a hike, or a tiff with current boss or the attrition in your circle/group etc. Irrespective of what it is, impulsive decisions here are not going to pay in a longer run.

- Everyone knows you, In corporate lingo you are “visible”
- They get back to you for advice, suggestions etc
- You have a say and if you are doing good, you can almost get what you want
- You will be in a quite comfortable zone
- You can tackle issues, people, conflicts very easily as you would be using your expert and experience gained so far
- On the whole, work will be with “less ripples”

- Monotony, and you hate it if you are big fan of “change”
- Personal and professional growth may get stagnant
- Same ppl, same culture may get to your nerves sometimes
- Boredom, as you can predict exactly what issue would pop up at what time
- You may be looked upon as a Granpa or Granma figure in the team and their characteristics adorn you (Ex. Not welcoming any change)

Given all that, I would say it’s a personal and independent choice. These cons can have their own solutions and there would be no reason to job-hop! Or another perspective is “Do you need a reason at all?”

Thursday, November 29, 2007


For no apparent reasons, I have been writing on personal front alone. Time to change and here it is!I got a to chance explore, set up and do some basic programming with Android, Google for gphones.

It looks good or atleast inspires java programmers to do the coding using SDK! And not to forget the $10 million prize money from Google for the killer apps in Android!!!

You can find more on this at chalubakra

Monday, November 26, 2007

U wanna gift(s)?

S promised me a gift if Iam one of the first 5 persons to give comments on her blog. Eventually, I did that and awaiting a gift from her.

I signed up there just to get a gift and trying to keep the chain alive here!! Basically, the first 5 ppl who leave a comment here would be entitled for a gift from me.

The fact is my blog do not have many readers and they seldom leave comments. That spares me from buying gifts! Infact, that’s what actually triggered me to sign up at S’s blog.

Does that sound anti altruistic? Then that’s what it iiiisss!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hannibal Rising

That’s a movie incase you are wondering what is it. Thanks-giving holidays at US drove us to Innovative Multiplex and we were game for watching any damn movie.
The show timings did not match ours and finally we decided on this movie called “Hannibal Rising”. The guy at the ticket counter informed that we are the first ones and need to wait for atleast 8 persons to start the show! What a challenge? We did wait and another couple turned up for the show.

Finally it was just four of us in the theatre.The movie was nothing but “blood and kills”-”Cannibal Rising” would have been apt for the name. This thriller film is an adaptation of Thomas Harris's 2006 novel of the same name.
Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being the only occupants of theatre-screen1 for entire 2 hours!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


What: A white dustbin
Where: Near 100ft signal on CMH Road, Bangalore
Event: A kid of 8 years old walked about 10 yards from the road side "chaat" shop to throw the paper plates used by the customers into the dustbin

Do we eschew the display of child labor or appreciate the conscientiousness of “No litter” on the roads???

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation

In this book, Noel Langley and Hugh Lynn Cayce (son of Edgar Cayce) have compiled the readings’ of individuals that were originally given by Edgar Cayce in his “sleeping” state. These psychological, physical or life readings spanned from 1925 to 1944 and were given only on personal request. Readings verify that certain changes can be brought in one’s life to make it better and these changes are deduced from the soul’s past lives.

The book claims that only 3 readings were incorrect out of 2500 readings.

This is yet another evidence of reincarnation and helps us in comprehending the concept. Many quotes in the book did not surprise me as I believe in reincarnation. Even if you do not believe in reincarnation - it’s worth a read from the perspective of knowing yourself better!!

The items below are described in a lucid manner

  1. Free will, which is stronger than destiny!
  2. How simply by “forgetting and forgiving” others you can avoid another life..not as easy as it sounds though
  3. And not to forget about other spiritual laws around fear, desire etc.
  4. Clarifies certain questions like whether Jesus had a previous life, Have you lived before?
  5. Cause and effect of karmic paradigms

One can see the attributes of a soul common among its lives. Many readings proved beneficial to the seekers revealing the missing pieces in their life’s puzzle and placing them back right on the path of evolution.

On the whole an interesting book to read and it takes you to a new dimension.

On a lighter side - Do you like playing drums ? May be you were a drummer in the courts of pharaoh in Egypt..who knows?

Monday, October 22, 2007


“Gollu” is the arrangement-cum-exhibition of dolls done as a ceremony to mark Dusshera or Navarathiri celebrations.

After Diwali, this is one of my favorite festivals. Earlier, the reason was – I get to visit my friends’/relatives’ places, sing a carnatic song and get some goodies to eat. Have discussion with uncles/aunts on raagas, thaalas, different style of singing and of course my music teacher would be a topic too. If four of my school friends join, then it would be an enchanting song with a combination of low and high notes. No wonder they made us the school choir!

I stopped visiting as time flew, but I like the festival still as its a good expression of our culture, tradition and ancient knowledge. This gives a chance for women folks to collaborate. Also, Its been a practice to give gifts to folks who visit your house. Earlier, it was a small packet of “Sundal” (snack made out of beans/grams etc). Then it was a full “dressing pack” that includes comb, mirror, kumkum (maroon powder that ladies adorn their foreheads with) and turmeric. I still remember packing the kumkum in small plastic containers in my yester years. Later, life was simple by readily packed containers. Then to make it cheaper they started packing in plastic covers.

These days the trend has further evolved – when I went home, I saw a pile of new plastic boxes received as gifts. It seems the motto is to give something useful. The items can be anything like handy utensils, hair clips, show-piece(s), blouse piece(s), basket etc. Its nice to know that people are willing to give (even if the item has come as a gift from someone else). Innovative theme(s) on Gollu is another driving factor. Dolls (both old and new) are kept for display. Usual items comprise of “10 Avatars” in Hinduism, Thanjavur dolls, Marapachhi dolls. Rangolis, parks, cities, towns, and spiritual places are also depicted. Lights, decoration with flowers and wind chimes add glamour to the scene.

I cannot have better reasons to like this custom!!

Shady side of this
1. Pumpkins – They burst pumpkins on raods with the belief that it will ward off the evil omen casted by jealousy eyes. This is a hazard for two wheelers. I got a comment that earlier atleast cows would consume the pumpkins. These days it’s very rare.
2. Blaring loudspeakers – Another mode of festive expression is loud cini/devotional songs. The effect is more if your house is near to a temple or an auto stand!

After all, good things come with a package isn’t?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Art of “natural” speaking

Is speaking natural? Iam talking about “speaking in general”..A person may be good at constant chit-chat but may not give the same results if he is asked to do the same on a stage and vice versa! On the contrary, a person may be good at both.

My first speech was on “Work is worship” while I was in class five. To the surprise of everyone, I bagged the first prize in the contest. I still remember that my English ma’am walked up to me and said, “I never realized you would speak so well being the most silent student in the class”. I did not even probe her statement due to my sheer excitement at that point in time. I give full credit to my dad who wrote the speech for me. I do remember a few words that said ” For a butcher, the knife he uses to cut is a tool of worship..” My dad has an amazing vocabulary in English/Hindi. His pen is definitely mightier whenever he uses it. And he is, in general a silent person too! After that episode, there was no looking back for me – have been getting prizes in yearly speech contests both in English and Hindi (I wonder how?) till I passed out of my school. My Dad authored all the speeches. That may be the only reason for my winning! Anyways, the fact is till today am not very comfortable in initiating conversations with people whom I know well unless there is a need. It’s coming as a shock as I type those words! Guess that’s coming from my character of being reserved! Though once initiated, ppl cant ask for more! Well, Iam improving there.

Its actually a paradox as I see people around me going to eloquent /public speaking clubs, English vocabulary coaching class etc and still fail to express day to day thoughts clearly to their folks. One of my colleagues got a feedback in the usage of grammar and she is earnestly going to a grammarian to refresh her skills. All these may help in inducing the “natural flare” but may fail to be natural! Cos I guess if any one is good at speaking, it would have a history of reading, writing or usage of vocab behind them. It’s definitely not a few days ordeal. Also, one is successful only if he/she uses the skills in all aspects of speaking!

One can easily differentiate the natural flare and acquired skill of speaking. Acquiring skills of speaking in itself is easy compared to the effort of making it natural!

Kudos to all natural speakers!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


As a child, you are very eager to celebrate your birthday! The new dress, distribution of chocolates in school and visit to a temple are all the activities of the day that are relished to the self’s fulfillment. And then at College, there is no dearth for such fun. As I stayed in a hostel, when the clock goes 12 – all my wingies (wing mates) barge into my room, pull me out from the bed and give me bumps. Anyone having his/her birthday needs to experience the “throw ups” in the air. The number of “throw ups” will be equal to your age. An expensive mega treat follows this frenzy!

Why this blog? Well, I celebrated my birthday yesterday!

The ritual has been continuing except now - there are no throw ups, no decoration of my room with balloons or color papers etc. The cake cutting happens in a serene environment with a few close friends. Yday it was a “Chocolate fantasy” added with sweet kisses n hugs from my friends! There are a couple of calls from family, friends, and relatives, not to forget the e greetings.

Earlier, I used to wait for the 12 o clock buzz. Yday, I waited but with a different intention to quickly pass over the ceremony. Though, nothing was missing in the amazing arrangements made by my friends. At the work place, we have the corporate way of celebration - bouquet and chocos from the HR!! People come from different areas and they gather up in your cubicle to wish. I said “Thanks” for ‘n’ number of times with a glued smile!!

Now, this has become a mundane activity every year and Iam getting bored to celebrate my birthdays in this style. May be any one reading this blog would dismiss it all by thinking that the person is getting old and should consider just stopping the birthday celebrations.

You are in for a surprise then, I took a resolution that next year I will do something unusual and different to commemorate my birthday!!

Lets wait and watch!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Last Teashop

I was amused by the name of this Teashop. It says “Bharat kee aakri chai dhukan” that means “the last tea shop in India”. It’s a creative name coined by the shop owner as a few feet after this shop, the Indo – China border starts.
Place : near Auli, Uttranchal, India

Friday, August 31, 2007


I went to a Titan watch service shop yesterday.
Reason: The minute hand in my watch was dangling!!

The lady at the counter took my watch and requested me to wait for 5 minutes. No big deal..I turned my attention to a chart named ”Inside of Watch” and did not realize 15 minutes have passed. At the same moment, the lady called me to give the “fixed” watch. I was struggling to find my wallet and was totally astounded when she said “no charge ma’am”!

The watch was 4 years old and I did not even buy it from the main shop associated with this service shop.

Well, you need to pay a price for everything, but not for 15 mins of craftsmanship in a Titan service shop!! Kudos to Titan!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Counting my treks

One of my colleagues casually asked “What is the count of treks that you have done so far?” I could not answer him immediately and may be he thought it was countless. This is retrospection on that and I have tried to list down my treks so far…

1. Trek to a hilltop that had a Hanuman temple at Pilani City, Rajasthan (outside college campus). During that time I could not distinguish between trek and walk..but it was pure adventure. Sneaking out of campus in a bike and convincing 4 of my friends to accompany me for this ordeal.
2. Next was to Vaishnavo Devi , Jammu. It was 28km stretch up and down with just 1 hr of break. Here, I managed to get around 10 people to say “yes”, but finally only 2 turned up.
3. Trek at Srisailam, near Hyderabad
4. On the banks of Ganges at Rishikesh (10km). This was accompanied by the river rafting and the deep dive plunge/jump into Ganges
5. NamaduChilumilye, near Tumkur, Karnataka
6. Erstwhile Nandi Hills, near Bangalore
7. Siddarabetta, near Bangalore
8. Thadiyanmol, Karnataka
9. Kodachadari, West Karnataka
10. Chakleshpur Railway Track, Karnataka
11. Bisle Forest again in Karnataka
12. Chembra Peak at Kerala
13. A small trek at Thiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu to see the ashrams. This was the fastest trek I have ever done.
14. Savandurga, Near Bangalore
15. Moon light trek on Magadi Road, Bangalore
16. Devarayanadurga, Near Bangalore
17. Bandipur, Karnataka
18. Tapovan, Himalayas. For more details browse other pages of my blog. This basically covered Gangotri, Gomukh and Tapovan.
19. Goa Trek  (till Dudh Sagar falls) - on the beaches
20. Mt.Kailash, Manasarovar lake at Tibet.
21. Grandfather mountain hike (NC US)
22. Great Smoky Mountains hike (TN US)
23. Couple of trails in Sri Lanka and Nepal (not full fledged treks)
24. Few Trails in St. Louis (MO US), ended with sky diving from 12000 ft
25. Hiked the Great wall of China (Beijing), ofcourse only a portion of it :-)
26. Everest Base Camp ( one through Gokyo lakes)

Its candid that my treks do have a cardinality, contrary to my colleague’s conjecture. Though, I must admit that there are a myriad of memories associated!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monkey's Message

Soft little fingers clutching my shoulders, a small and delicate body touching my back…yes it took a while for me to realize that it was a Monkey. Thoughts raced my mind on what this monkey would want from me?? I immediately felt a strong pull of my wallet, which at the moment was neatly concealed in my armpit!!

I let out a shout, as any other normal person would do which stopped some of the passerby-turned onlookers. Well, it did not stop the Monkey that was keen on snatching the purse away from me. After a short tussle, I gave it up to avoid any harm. I must admit that the Monkey was very decent and smart – It got what it want without much hue and cry!! It took the purse and rested on the pavement. Money was less, I was just concerned about my credit card cos I was in a foreign land and was not quite sure about blocking my card quickly.

By then there was a crowd behind me watching all the drama…me and my friend were just patiently waiting and hoping that the Monkey would soon get disinterested with the purse and leave it off. It pulled all the cash and threw it out attaching “no value” to it! It also tried to chew up some cards without caring a damn about the spectators and being the center of attraction.

After 2-3 minutes of this ordeal, it just left the purse and went off. It was a small incident but had a very “deep” effect and made me to realize something!!

What it was – I leave that up to your imagination!!

Note : This was written just within a few hours of the event fresh from the mind, I just got to post it here today without editing it.
Event Place/Date : Kathmandu, Nepal / 28, May 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tick tick 1..Tick tick 2...

Time is ticking…or are we trying to do something to pass the time we have? And we top it up by saying..”Iam fighting against time”!! Irony and Illusionary!
Time is a dimension added to the life, which gave rise to words like span, limit, extension etc. In one perspective it actually limits the life that we live and we are totally ignorant of that! Thought worth pondering!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Luxury Trip

The trip was to Muthathi, Bheemeshwari, Shivanasamudra falls (Baru chukki/Gagana Chukki) and Somnathpura. It was a feast to all my five senses. Cos the trip was accompanied by my pals U and R and their baggage(s) of snacks!!

There was a slight starting trouble due to a long wait for the car..looked like the driver decided to extend his sleep a little for no reason! But soon we were all set, everything was fantastic-the drive, the car, the weather, the songs played in the car and the driver too (though he was late)! Lot of prior preparation by U and R as they bought lot of goodies to eat on the way that had varieties of biscuits, chocolates, you name it and we can find that in the bag. Even the lunch was prepared. Thanks to R for cutting cucumber to ornate the veg sandwich! It was a unique experience for me as I don advocate the idea of carrying so much food on trips/treks. Well, I must say I relished the uniqueness of it.
Wonderful lunch on Cauvery banks!!

Coming to the essence of the trip, we stopped the car in the Cauvery banks near Muthathi where there were no tourists to be with nature for some time. Saw a big boy-tusker as U would call it on the way. Then we went to the Shivanasamudra falls. The water levels were less, but the force was enormous. The strange thing in the place was you can find a waterfall in every nook and was so much that actually we got tired of the falls that day. Even here, we managed to trek to a secluded spot just to get lost with the nature’s beauty. Timely comments from R and U added more flavor and fervor. After a quick discussion with the driver, we had a not so smooth drive to Somnathpura. The place was amazing as it reflected the Hoysala architure. We studied it for sometime, it had all the avatars carved out adeptly. We lingered around long enough to invite the security who asked us to leave the premises. From here we headed back to Bangalore that included a small stint of staying in the stationary car for an hour as it broke down without prior notice. Lot of photo sessions with poses to distract someone far ;-) was another highlight of the day!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Washing the floors!?!

Lakshmi, our housemaid was washing the backyard floors with water. “Maid” would not be a proper word to describe her as she is one of the civilized women compared to most of the women folks in corporate world that I have seen. Main attribute being she keeps her words and is keen on completing whatever chores she takes up. I was having a light chat with her discussing that usually we wash the floors like this only if we have festivals at home mainly Pongal. Early morning on the Pongal day, whole of my house – backyard, front yard and all the rooms get proper water wash. And we decorate the open space with Rangolis or Kolams. Being in a joint family there are lot of women in my house who indulge themselves in giving their best design and colors to the kolams. My mom reserves a corner spot for me to display my kolam skills. Interestingly it remains vacant till I wake up leisurely as it’s a holiday. I always try to fill up my favorite spot with 2 or 3 kolams as smaller ones are easier to manage..and give my earnest efforts to make them beautiful. And to my dismay till this date my kolams can never compete with my mom whose hands are adept in drawing a complicated design quickly with ease.

I also make it a point to ask my mom how is it? And always the modest answer “wow..amazing” pops up immediately. I have always relished decorating this favorite spot of mine irrespective of whether it stands apart or not among other kolams. These days I have generously given the spot to one of my cousins and of course being an art student she is definitely doing a good job than mine!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Tempo tale

I was hurrying my way to bus stand and saw a small tempo ahead of me carrying packed boxes of LG -Flatron TVs. One strange thing I noted was that there were no wires or ropes tying up the boxes to the tempo, which would make the boxes more vulnerable to shakes or toppling off the tempo.

Well I just ignored the thought by another thought that said “its none of your business”. As we (myself and the tempo) were speeding up the highway, I saw the upcoming signal and slowed down a bit. The tempo guy applied a sudden break seeing the red light. The outcome was that the boxes rolled down the tempo and were on the roads.

The point here is not to find faults, but to raise the question – “Where is the accountability?” Who is the scapegoat here, is it the host company or the dealer who have ordered for the delivery of boxes or is it me?? (Thank god, I was not behind the tempo!)

And the irony is the driver and his attendant did not even realize that the boxes have fallen. I just gestured them saying their boxes are down the road and the last I saw was the attendant running towards the boxes to pick them up.

It’s very obvious that the tempo guys don even bother, as they are not concerned with the receiver or the dispatcher..

The scene ended by a thoughtful comment from my cousin stating “I could have easily fulfilled my desire of owning a LG Flatron if I was not around!!!”

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Life is a game..jus keep playing!!
Life is a stage..jus keep enacting!!
Life is ups and downs..jus keep raftin n surfin!!
Life is what u want and what u don want..jus keep accepting!!
Life is not what you think..stop thinking!!!
After all you chose this life..keep evolving!

Another relevant quote from a spiritualist..
Nothing in the realm of thoughts or ideologies is absolute. Lean on one for long, and it collapses. Because of this, there is nothing more futile and frustrating than relying on the mind. To arrive at the unshakable, you must befriend the infinity. To do this, quiet your thinking. Stop analyzing, dividing, making distinctions between one thing and another. Simply see that you are at the center of the universe, and accept all things and beings as parts of your infinite body. When you perceive that an act done to another is done to yourself, you have understood the great truth

Thursday, May 31, 2007


It was a meeting that had an agenda item called “Know your neighborhood”. And one my colleagues had a task of introducing me. In fact she was talking to me about this earlier and asked to share the one slider on me that would ease her talking. Well working in a process oriented company it was easy for me to pull that as all of us have their one-slider.

She started with my experience, studies, background and work. Suddenly she changed the angle and started revealing at personal levels about the sessions we had. She said “Iam her best friend in the company”- I was staring at my own photo front of me with gaping mouth and thorough astonishment. This was not to the fact that was being shared, but to the courage or should I say to the candidness that my dear friend was exhibiting…. heard lot of adjectives like spiritual mentor, philosopher, guide etc, and infact she shared about the joint venture that we have been planning.! I was contemplating that she would just stop with a formal intro of mine.

Well sometimes some things strike you unexpectedly. This was one such sweet surprise and it will be memorable one too. Thanks to H for making me happy!!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mind Blowing!?!

Knock Knock Knock!! Did you know that the world you live in , the body you have and the name you behold are not real – they are illusory??? When I heard this or to be more specific, when I read this my first reaction was “someone is jus kidding me out here!?!?” To add on the confusion this was said by the most eminent sages and even scriptures talk about it. Everyone seems to know it and Iam standing out as a fool trying to comprehend the stuff. I guess that there should be truth in those statements?? Well am I sounding spiritual here? – to my surprise, the answer has to be yes..!!

This blog site is dedicated for my thoughts which would be a consolidation of most of the stuff I read, I hear and of course what’s new would be my experience and reactions to such mind blowing statements – Take it literal here!! If you feel the stuff here is all absurd and bull shit, then take a deep breath and realize that by denying this you only loose.

You loose?? Now who is “you” here? As I told already there is no “you”. Sometimes you may think this is yet another moron’s blog site – To hell with this, who did ever find the concept of blogging and people start misusing it like this. The truth is now you don’t have a chance to stop me, the best thing that would suit you is switch onto other hits got in the google!

Well, for the people who decided to continue with the crap, it all started when I started to fear that I will soon loose my kith in kin as time passes by. One day “I” myself will not be here to see what’s happening on this earth if something called death happens to me. Strange!! I don even want to think about it. This started reeling in the questions in me like how can I escape this? Is there a way out? I remember my good old days when I go to temples to hear the stories said by sadhus – “Lord Rama lived happily ever after!!” was the ending statement made when Ramayana story narration came to an end. Now how long is this “ever after: eons”?? I was missing something terribly here. As is the case with anyone, I got bogged down by my own stuff – studies, school, music, tuitions and all other extra curricular activities.Never got time to think about all the stuff Iam talking here.
Finished my college and was living life as it was taking me. Made a job on campus, it was time for me to prove myself in the new company. Still din get time to ponder about the things which I want to do the most. Then switched job, my work hours were longer than the day and I was working as hard as a dog! That’s it!! All my questions got culminated and by chance I started reading books like “Unlimited power” by Anthony R. And someone did thrust a book called “Divine Romance” by Swami Yogananda. These initial books which gave different perspectives of the life I have been leading……well the journey of life still continues!! Stay tuned here to know more……..

Wow! What a book!

Another wonder of Paulo coehlo “I sat down and wept on the banks of river piedra”. After alchemist, this was the second book I got hold of. A must read for any spiritual seeker. The book talks about love – like any other love story all ends well here too but with a difference, a punch that surpasses all love stories. The man sacrifices his “call” to the mankind to attain his love, which was quite unusual. Normally renouncing love is considered as the toughest. The book proves that wrong.

Well if I try to explain the story here, I would end up imitating Paulo – the least thing I wanted to do. Jus go grab the book and enjoy!

More Books..

As the books I read kept growing, my quest for knowledge on subjects like life, death, body and mind were quenched to some extent. Lobsang Rampa – a Tibetan monk has shared his experiences in a series of his books. I got a chance to dive into his books – he spoke about metaphysics, astral travel, concept of overself, transmigration of souls, reincarnation , dimensions more than three..List goes on!
I liked the way he portrays things in a very simple way. It was just a consolidation of his experiences gained during the course of his lama hood. His narrative style made these concepts to come out naturally though such stuff seems to be beyond reality at first glance. His books also help an individual to practice the entire phenomenon he describes. The book “You forever” is a must read for any spiritual seeker. Well, I started off with Ana pana Sati (a technique of meditation on breath)..Really not sure when was that, but the practice was going on consistently and it WAS doing me good. Good? What is good now? :-)
After the Rampa series, I got hold of Vashista yoga. It was a comprehended version with English translation for the Sanskrit verses. “Self inquiry” is one the key concepts that it reinforces for the mankind to try. When I read it, I was stunned by the literature that came out quite blaringly. Was it all so simple? Are we trying to complicate things? The effect of “Maya” and the polarity of all things became very evident. If there is a substance that is bitter, then it need to be compensated by some stuff that is sweet..and that’s how life goes on…And its YOU who made a choice of this life, the environment you live, your parents, your figure, your language…!Well how is that sounding, I was zapped when I came to realize this. Now the question is if that’s the case why we feel that we are short of something sometimes? The answer to that is multidimensional. What you feel now could be a culmination of various feelings/thoughts which is not only yours but also from the society you live in as well. Ok, to put that straight we forgot that we chose to live like this. If we revive this from our consciousness, then things would be clear. Vashista Yoga is actually the teachings from Sage Vashista to Lord Rama. Rama was in his path of enlightenment and he had so many queries about this life. Sage Vashista answers him with lot of illustrations and I guess whoever is trying to understand his own purpose of existence should read this! The effect of karma and how one can overcome karma is wonderfully explained. The book also stresses on the knowledge gained from the scripture should be used/practiced, a person just reading the book for curiosity do not gain anything out of it.
Iam really not sure where I stand exactly with all these stuff, but one thing is for sure as a physical entity – Iam (dunoo how to refer my “self”) on my way to crack all this down!

Simple Stuff!

“Are you really doing what you want to do?” How many would say a “true” yes for that question? Well it needs more than jus “guts” to really what you want to do. It may demand you to overcome all your “fears” that your mind has been tuned to. The fears that are quite natural for a mind..infact its so accustomed to those fears – it fails to realize that they are “fears”. But only the first step is difficult, once you are out of the rut…I guess you can pull on easily.
It all starts like this – you just go by how life is taking you. You may think that conscious choices and decisions are being made by you. For example if you want Thai food, you just go to a Thai restaurant and not to a Chinese outlet - its as simple as that. Lets take a step back and analyze more deeply, have all your choices been as simple as that. Picking up Thai stuff was an easy one and under your control. How easily we take such conscious choices throughout our life? The answer can be yes only if you don have even a single crib the way you are living currently..and the “yes” need to be honest and coming from deep down of your heart!!
And this is tough not because we cant do what we want, its mainly cos we don’t even know and not sure of wot we are supposed to do. Irony!!! I guess if you can make a sincere effort, you can first find what you exactly want to do and then to solve all your variances in life - YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT!!! Its definitely as simple as selecting a “Thai” food joint.