Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Luxury Trip

The trip was to Muthathi, Bheemeshwari, Shivanasamudra falls (Baru chukki/Gagana Chukki) and Somnathpura. It was a feast to all my five senses. Cos the trip was accompanied by my pals U and R and their baggage(s) of snacks!!

There was a slight starting trouble due to a long wait for the car..looked like the driver decided to extend his sleep a little for no reason! But soon we were all set, everything was fantastic-the drive, the car, the weather, the songs played in the car and the driver too (though he was late)! Lot of prior preparation by U and R as they bought lot of goodies to eat on the way that had varieties of biscuits, chocolates, you name it and we can find that in the bag. Even the lunch was prepared. Thanks to R for cutting cucumber to ornate the veg sandwich! It was a unique experience for me as I don advocate the idea of carrying so much food on trips/treks. Well, I must say I relished the uniqueness of it.
Wonderful lunch on Cauvery banks!!

Coming to the essence of the trip, we stopped the car in the Cauvery banks near Muthathi where there were no tourists to be with nature for some time. Saw a big boy-tusker as U would call it on the way. Then we went to the Shivanasamudra falls. The water levels were less, but the force was enormous. The strange thing in the place was you can find a waterfall in every nook and corner..it was so much that actually we got tired of the falls that day. Even here, we managed to trek to a secluded spot just to get lost with the nature’s beauty. Timely comments from R and U added more flavor and fervor. After a quick discussion with the driver, we had a not so smooth drive to Somnathpura. The place was amazing as it reflected the Hoysala architure. We studied it for sometime, it had all the avatars carved out adeptly. We lingered around long enough to invite the security who asked us to leave the premises. From here we headed back to Bangalore that included a small stint of staying in the stationary car for an hour as it broke down without prior notice. Lot of photo sessions with poses to distract someone far ;-) was another highlight of the day!!

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