Monday, June 25, 2007

Tempo tale

I was hurrying my way to bus stand and saw a small tempo ahead of me carrying packed boxes of LG -Flatron TVs. One strange thing I noted was that there were no wires or ropes tying up the boxes to the tempo, which would make the boxes more vulnerable to shakes or toppling off the tempo.

Well I just ignored the thought by another thought that said “its none of your business”. As we (myself and the tempo) were speeding up the highway, I saw the upcoming signal and slowed down a bit. The tempo guy applied a sudden break seeing the red light. The outcome was that the boxes rolled down the tempo and were on the roads.

The point here is not to find faults, but to raise the question – “Where is the accountability?” Who is the scapegoat here, is it the host company or the dealer who have ordered for the delivery of boxes or is it me?? (Thank god, I was not behind the tempo!)

And the irony is the driver and his attendant did not even realize that the boxes have fallen. I just gestured them saying their boxes are down the road and the last I saw was the attendant running towards the boxes to pick them up.

It’s very obvious that the tempo guys don even bother, as they are not concerned with the receiver or the dispatcher..

The scene ended by a thoughtful comment from my cousin stating “I could have easily fulfilled my desire of owning a LG Flatron if I was not around!!!”

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Life is a game..jus keep playing!!
Life is a stage..jus keep enacting!!
Life is ups and downs..jus keep raftin n surfin!!
Life is what u want and what u don want..jus keep accepting!!
Life is not what you think..stop thinking!!!
After all you chose this life..keep evolving!

Another relevant quote from a spiritualist..
Nothing in the realm of thoughts or ideologies is absolute. Lean on one for long, and it collapses. Because of this, there is nothing more futile and frustrating than relying on the mind. To arrive at the unshakable, you must befriend the infinity. To do this, quiet your thinking. Stop analyzing, dividing, making distinctions between one thing and another. Simply see that you are at the center of the universe, and accept all things and beings as parts of your infinite body. When you perceive that an act done to another is done to yourself, you have understood the great truth