Wednesday, September 19, 2007


As a child, you are very eager to celebrate your birthday! The new dress, distribution of chocolates in school and visit to a temple are all the activities of the day that are relished to the self’s fulfillment. And then at College, there is no dearth for such fun. As I stayed in a hostel, when the clock goes 12 – all my wingies (wing mates) barge into my room, pull me out from the bed and give me bumps. Anyone having his/her birthday needs to experience the “throw ups” in the air. The number of “throw ups” will be equal to your age. An expensive mega treat follows this frenzy!

Why this blog? Well, I celebrated my birthday yesterday!

The ritual has been continuing except now - there are no throw ups, no decoration of my room with balloons or color papers etc. The cake cutting happens in a serene environment with a few close friends. Yday it was a “Chocolate fantasy” added with sweet kisses n hugs from my friends! There are a couple of calls from family, friends, and relatives, not to forget the e greetings.

Earlier, I used to wait for the 12 o clock buzz. Yday, I waited but with a different intention to quickly pass over the ceremony. Though, nothing was missing in the amazing arrangements made by my friends. At the work place, we have the corporate way of celebration - bouquet and chocos from the HR!! People come from different areas and they gather up in your cubicle to wish. I said “Thanks” for ‘n’ number of times with a glued smile!!

Now, this has become a mundane activity every year and Iam getting bored to celebrate my birthdays in this style. May be any one reading this blog would dismiss it all by thinking that the person is getting old and should consider just stopping the birthday celebrations.

You are in for a surprise then, I took a resolution that next year I will do something unusual and different to commemorate my birthday!!

Lets wait and watch!!

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