Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wow! What a book!

Another wonder of Paulo coehlo “I sat down and wept on the banks of river piedra”. After alchemist, this was the second book I got hold of. A must read for any spiritual seeker. The book talks about love – like any other love story all ends well here too but with a difference, a punch that surpasses all love stories. The man sacrifices his “call” to the mankind to attain his love, which was quite unusual. Normally renouncing love is considered as the toughest. The book proves that wrong.

Well if I try to explain the story here, I would end up imitating Paulo – the least thing I wanted to do. Jus go grab the book and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi..Thanx for ur comments on another book of Coehlo..i will start now
usually i never just purchase and read even he could be my fav author like Coehlo..i wait for some like minded people comments, then move further.
Read "The Zahir" 3 months back, and is 60% confused Coehlo what to write and 40% GOLD of Coehlo scripts and thoughts.
Dont miss that.

Kris said...

Well written article.