Saturday, May 26, 2007

More Books..

As the books I read kept growing, my quest for knowledge on subjects like life, death, body and mind were quenched to some extent. Lobsang Rampa – a Tibetan monk has shared his experiences in a series of his books. I got a chance to dive into his books – he spoke about metaphysics, astral travel, concept of overself, transmigration of souls, reincarnation , dimensions more than three..List goes on!
I liked the way he portrays things in a very simple way. It was just a consolidation of his experiences gained during the course of his lama hood. His narrative style made these concepts to come out naturally though such stuff seems to be beyond reality at first glance. His books also help an individual to practice the entire phenomenon he describes. The book “You forever” is a must read for any spiritual seeker. Well, I started off with Ana pana Sati (a technique of meditation on breath)..Really not sure when was that, but the practice was going on consistently and it WAS doing me good. Good? What is good now? :-)
After the Rampa series, I got hold of Vashista yoga. It was a comprehended version with English translation for the Sanskrit verses. “Self inquiry” is one the key concepts that it reinforces for the mankind to try. When I read it, I was stunned by the literature that came out quite blaringly. Was it all so simple? Are we trying to complicate things? The effect of “Maya” and the polarity of all things became very evident. If there is a substance that is bitter, then it need to be compensated by some stuff that is sweet..and that’s how life goes on…And its YOU who made a choice of this life, the environment you live, your parents, your figure, your language…!Well how is that sounding, I was zapped when I came to realize this. Now the question is if that’s the case why we feel that we are short of something sometimes? The answer to that is multidimensional. What you feel now could be a culmination of various feelings/thoughts which is not only yours but also from the society you live in as well. Ok, to put that straight we forgot that we chose to live like this. If we revive this from our consciousness, then things would be clear. Vashista Yoga is actually the teachings from Sage Vashista to Lord Rama. Rama was in his path of enlightenment and he had so many queries about this life. Sage Vashista answers him with lot of illustrations and I guess whoever is trying to understand his own purpose of existence should read this! The effect of karma and how one can overcome karma is wonderfully explained. The book also stresses on the knowledge gained from the scripture should be used/practiced, a person just reading the book for curiosity do not gain anything out of it.
Iam really not sure where I stand exactly with all these stuff, but one thing is for sure as a physical entity – Iam (dunoo how to refer my “self”) on my way to crack all this down!

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Anonymous said...

even i don't know where i stand after reading this!!!

well, the fact that i read this post is "real" or not? i dont know... but wait, who is this "i"? how i know that "i don't know"?

Too many questions :-(