Monday, December 03, 2007

Being long in one organization – boon or bane?

Job-hopping has become a natural trend these days. The reasons triggering this may be a hike, or a tiff with current boss or the attrition in your circle/group etc. Irrespective of what it is, impulsive decisions here are not going to pay in a longer run.

- Everyone knows you, In corporate lingo you are “visible”
- They get back to you for advice, suggestions etc
- You have a say and if you are doing good, you can almost get what you want
- You will be in a quite comfortable zone
- You can tackle issues, people, conflicts very easily as you would be using your expert and experience gained so far
- On the whole, work will be with “less ripples”

- Monotony, and you hate it if you are big fan of “change”
- Personal and professional growth may get stagnant
- Same ppl, same culture may get to your nerves sometimes
- Boredom, as you can predict exactly what issue would pop up at what time
- You may be looked upon as a Granpa or Granma figure in the team and their characteristics adorn you (Ex. Not welcoming any change)

Given all that, I would say it’s a personal and independent choice. These cons can have their own solutions and there would be no reason to job-hop! Or another perspective is “Do you need a reason at all?”

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Smitha T T said...

Hi subha,
nice post
When I was looking for a chnage 3 years back, I felt that being in same company for nearly 5 years was the reason for me not getting a job. I felt they considered me to to be good for nothing. But Finally I got good company and good offer.