Thursday, May 31, 2007


It was a meeting that had an agenda item called “Know your neighborhood”. And one my colleagues had a task of introducing me. In fact she was talking to me about this earlier and asked to share the one slider on me that would ease her talking. Well working in a process oriented company it was easy for me to pull that as all of us have their one-slider.

She started with my experience, studies, background and work. Suddenly she changed the angle and started revealing at personal levels about the sessions we had. She said “Iam her best friend in the company”- I was staring at my own photo front of me with gaping mouth and thorough astonishment. This was not to the fact that was being shared, but to the courage or should I say to the candidness that my dear friend was exhibiting…. heard lot of adjectives like spiritual mentor, philosopher, guide etc, and infact she shared about the joint venture that we have been planning.! I was contemplating that she would just stop with a formal intro of mine.

Well sometimes some things strike you unexpectedly. This was one such sweet surprise and it will be memorable one too. Thanks to H for making me happy!!

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