Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Where is the time to blog?

So, its my fourth milestone in the path of physical life. Yes!! Though there are many small, simple milestones, I would track these as major ones – College, Work, Marriage, Kid J

We were blessed with a baby girl this year - 2015 has become a significant year in my life. Life has become busier with no time to turn back, (intro)retrospect and to pause/stare at beautiful butterflies.

Where is the time to blog??

Friday, May 18, 2012

An encounter with Bill Bryson

Last two weeks, Bill Bryson was in constant chatter with me through his book “The Lost Continent”. The west is being described by a westerner in a hilarious style with anecdotes of American history, places and famous personalities. What made it more beautiful is the display of juvenile reprisal through words to the irking circumstances he faced.

I finished the book yesterday and today there is emptiness as if I had lost a long-time friend. Such is the effect of the book!

Thursday, March 01, 2012


What keeps me coming back to write here? An urge to express or a vent to pen unspoken thoughts..well whatever it is, the action continues.

This phase of life is brimming with unanswered questions, pointless directions, confused insights and concrete ambiguity! Cos of these nullifying effects, it seems that the hourglass is frozen with the days still passing by.

Anyways, Iam trying to be with the flow of events. May be the “trying” itself is an obstruction. Is this the effect of Saturn’s transit?

The hope is there that this phase shall pass on too!