Monday, August 13, 2007

Monkey's Message

Soft little fingers clutching my shoulders, a small and delicate body touching my back…yes it took a while for me to realize that it was a Monkey. Thoughts raced my mind on what this monkey would want from me?? I immediately felt a strong pull of my wallet, which at the moment was neatly concealed in my armpit!!

I let out a shout, as any other normal person would do which stopped some of the passerby-turned onlookers. Well, it did not stop the Monkey that was keen on snatching the purse away from me. After a short tussle, I gave it up to avoid any harm. I must admit that the Monkey was very decent and smart – It got what it want without much hue and cry!! It took the purse and rested on the pavement. Money was less, I was just concerned about my credit card cos I was in a foreign land and was not quite sure about blocking my card quickly.

By then there was a crowd behind me watching all the drama…me and my friend were just patiently waiting and hoping that the Monkey would soon get disinterested with the purse and leave it off. It pulled all the cash and threw it out attaching “no value” to it! It also tried to chew up some cards without caring a damn about the spectators and being the center of attraction.

After 2-3 minutes of this ordeal, it just left the purse and went off. It was a small incident but had a very “deep” effect and made me to realize something!!

What it was – I leave that up to your imagination!!

Note : This was written just within a few hours of the event fresh from the mind, I just got to post it here today without editing it.
Event Place/Date : Kathmandu, Nepal / 28, May 2007

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