Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Washing the floors!?!

Lakshmi, our housemaid was washing the backyard floors with water. “Maid” would not be a proper word to describe her as she is one of the civilized women compared to most of the women folks in corporate world that I have seen. Main attribute being she keeps her words and is keen on completing whatever chores she takes up. I was having a light chat with her discussing that usually we wash the floors like this only if we have festivals at home mainly Pongal. Early morning on the Pongal day, whole of my house – backyard, front yard and all the rooms get proper water wash. And we decorate the open space with Rangolis or Kolams. Being in a joint family there are lot of women in my house who indulge themselves in giving their best design and colors to the kolams. My mom reserves a corner spot for me to display my kolam skills. Interestingly it remains vacant till I wake up leisurely as it’s a holiday. I always try to fill up my favorite spot with 2 or 3 kolams as smaller ones are easier to manage..and give my earnest efforts to make them beautiful. And to my dismay till this date my kolams can never compete with my mom whose hands are adept in drawing a complicated design quickly with ease.

I also make it a point to ask my mom how is it? And always the modest answer “wow..amazing” pops up immediately. I have always relished decorating this favorite spot of mine irrespective of whether it stands apart or not among other kolams. These days I have generously given the spot to one of my cousins and of course being an art student she is definitely doing a good job than mine!

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