Saturday, May 26, 2007

Simple Stuff!

“Are you really doing what you want to do?” How many would say a “true” yes for that question? Well it needs more than jus “guts” to really what you want to do. It may demand you to overcome all your “fears” that your mind has been tuned to. The fears that are quite natural for a mind..infact its so accustomed to those fears – it fails to realize that they are “fears”. But only the first step is difficult, once you are out of the rut…I guess you can pull on easily.
It all starts like this – you just go by how life is taking you. You may think that conscious choices and decisions are being made by you. For example if you want Thai food, you just go to a Thai restaurant and not to a Chinese outlet - its as simple as that. Lets take a step back and analyze more deeply, have all your choices been as simple as that. Picking up Thai stuff was an easy one and under your control. How easily we take such conscious choices throughout our life? The answer can be yes only if you don have even a single crib the way you are living currently..and the “yes” need to be honest and coming from deep down of your heart!!
And this is tough not because we cant do what we want, its mainly cos we don’t even know and not sure of wot we are supposed to do. Irony!!! I guess if you can make a sincere effort, you can first find what you exactly want to do and then to solve all your variances in life - YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT!!! Its definitely as simple as selecting a “Thai” food joint.

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