Saturday, August 29, 2009


It was such a surprise one morning to see Him seated outside our house. It seems that this was the first time He is here. Though He was not staring at me directly, I could feel his pervading presence. He was looking at a tangential direction from our house and Iam not sure if that was intentional.

His calm and composed nature was very attractive and it hit me with lot of intensity! He was such a crowd puller that I was jealous to see his huge number of fans coming from distant places to meet Him. They were taking my space and his undivided attention!!

Day 1 had lot of salutations and offerings. The place was fully decorated to celebrate his presence. He did not bother and I liked that!
Day 2 was almost a disco night with English pop songs blaring the speakers. This did not affect Him either
Day 3 had a movie screening allowing people to squat on the roads. They were whistling to the whims and fancies of the scenes. Movie did not budge him too!
Day 4 was sad as He left. He changed a sober street to such a happening place for 4 days. For the first time, I saw my neighbors and other people who live in the same lane. He moved with the crowd up and down the road to bid farewell. He vanished with a bang deserting the place and hearts of ardent fans like me.

Suddenly, I was feeling empty and hollow! I started missing him and so did my friend M.

Iam hoping that He would visit us next year as my wait has already started!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Open secret

“You are not traveling, you are being traveled!” that’s from the book “Open Secret” by Wei Wu Wei. That kept me thinking or should I say it stopped the thinking? If I try to describe the book, or discuss or do anything about it at all.. it would mean Iam just expanding the objectivism forgetting to remember the source. It will just be an addition to existing phenomenal world.

The conceptual “I” in me also want to add that this book has lot of contradictions because that’s the way “it” is. Does that mean truth is contradictory? The author is trying hard to make “it” simple by saying that “it” cannot be comprehended by mere abstract expression, logic or words.

“Seeker is the source and is noumenon” is the statement closer to truth conceptually.

I stop it here to save from the embarrassment of proving that “Iam” stuck in this dream.Catch the book and it may close “your” concepts forever!