Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mind Blowing!?!

Knock Knock Knock!! Did you know that the world you live in , the body you have and the name you behold are not real – they are illusory??? When I heard this or to be more specific, when I read this my first reaction was “someone is jus kidding me out here!?!?” To add on the confusion this was said by the most eminent sages and even scriptures talk about it. Everyone seems to know it and Iam standing out as a fool trying to comprehend the stuff. I guess that there should be truth in those statements?? Well am I sounding spiritual here? – to my surprise, the answer has to be yes..!!

This blog site is dedicated for my thoughts which would be a consolidation of most of the stuff I read, I hear and of course what’s new would be my experience and reactions to such mind blowing statements – Take it literal here!! If you feel the stuff here is all absurd and bull shit, then take a deep breath and realize that by denying this you only loose.

You loose?? Now who is “you” here? As I told already there is no “you”. Sometimes you may think this is yet another moron’s blog site – To hell with this, who did ever find the concept of blogging and people start misusing it like this. The truth is now you don’t have a chance to stop me, the best thing that would suit you is switch onto other hits got in the google!

Well, for the people who decided to continue with the crap, it all started when I started to fear that I will soon loose my kith in kin as time passes by. One day “I” myself will not be here to see what’s happening on this earth if something called death happens to me. Strange!! I don even want to think about it. This started reeling in the questions in me like how can I escape this? Is there a way out? I remember my good old days when I go to temples to hear the stories said by sadhus – “Lord Rama lived happily ever after!!” was the ending statement made when Ramayana story narration came to an end. Now how long is this “ever after: eons”?? I was missing something terribly here. As is the case with anyone, I got bogged down by my own stuff – studies, school, music, tuitions and all other extra curricular activities.Never got time to think about all the stuff Iam talking here.
Finished my college and was living life as it was taking me. Made a job on campus, it was time for me to prove myself in the new company. Still din get time to ponder about the things which I want to do the most. Then switched job, my work hours were longer than the day and I was working as hard as a dog! That’s it!! All my questions got culminated and by chance I started reading books like “Unlimited power” by Anthony R. And someone did thrust a book called “Divine Romance” by Swami Yogananda. These initial books which gave different perspectives of the life I have been leading……well the journey of life still continues!! Stay tuned here to know more……..

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iam that said...

Rama lived happily ever after means a lot! Though we keep hearing this as an end again and again in many stories and fairy tales.
It means all the experiences of your life culminated with great fullfillment and enlightenment, it also made 'you' eternal! by taking you beyond the barriers of time :-)Now don't ask me if this can truely happen, otherwise i wouldn't be telling you this.