Tuesday, August 03, 2010


It started with a frisson and the flow followed
Safest is
The hands of a mother

and then it went on like this..
Longest is
The road of friendship

Tallest is
The heart of a giver

Shortest is
The first step to summit

Loudest is
The trumpet of the ego

Deepest is
The ravine of knowledge

Widest is
The wall of jealousy

Slimmest is
The space between fingers of a newborn

Greatest is
The marvel of creation

Fastest is
The race of thoughts

Quietest is
The space between those thoughts

Tiniest is
The twinkle of a distant star

Slowest is
The force to negate greater will

Darkest is
The ignorance of greater self

Shallowest is
The mind with temper

Hardest is
The acquaintance of perceived bondage

Easiest is
The process of forgetting that bondage

Finally, the last 2

Obscurest is
The illusory will to “not seek” any of the above


Dumbest is
The belief that “illusory will” will lead to understanding of your nature!

1 comment:

thelonelytrekker said...

Kewl..., above all I like the quietest and the dumbest... :-)