Sunday, April 18, 2010

What a match?

He lives to eat,
I eat to live

He is seldom silent,
“Silence” is what I speak

(He) Yoga n mediation – what?
(Me) No yoga n meditation – what?

For him, Books – ok, sometimes..
For me, Books – always!

Car racing is his passion
Thought of driving a car gives me stress

Prefers helicopter landing on mountains’ summit
I like hiking all the way up!

He is hale n healthy and it shows,
Iam under-nourished and it shows as well

Shopping n window-shopping is his need
My need would end up in shopping

He is Cancer (water sign)
Iam a Virgo (earth sign)

Mucky language is his second mother tongue
Too much of courteousness eats my speech

He is sentimental, sensitive and caring
Iam practical and indifferent

Well, who cares and how does it matter? We are all set to cruise the sea of life hand in hand!

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