Friday, November 19, 2010

PG, again..

"Whether this kajal will smudge or not?" This was the discussion that went on for 5-10 mins and then comes the practical stunt. Person who bought it applies it to her eyes and everyone around is kinda validating to pass their comments. Then the topic shifts to a hair gel and how it turns color of the hair to white. I was thoroughly amused and was wondering how such topics can go on and on. Next, it was about a new haircut that one of the inmates donned. Well, this is common when a group of beauty-conscious women get together. What is uncommon is me being from the women clan felt that all these topics are so outlandish! I just could not connect to it at all.

A room messy with clothes around, unwashed plates beneath the bed and a smelly bathroom are the items that invite me with a warm hug when I moved in to this new PG accommodation. Undeterred, I arranged my clothes in the cupboard given, made my bed and settled in with a book oblivion to the surroundings!

Then suddenly power goes off, followed by a shriek that goes like “what the do I wash my clothes”? So, someone around checks the fuse and fixes the power supply. After this, you hear a round of applause for the brave job well done! This continues with the discussion on “Maths” for the dinner that was ordered..”who shld pay what?” This goes for some time till one lady realized that food is becoming cold!

Well, all that made me wonder how I got caught up with such a script in the drama of life. Paying guest accommodation is nothing new to me - the surprise was on how many such episodes I need to act :-) , phew!

All said and done, the new place still is like a family. Being together is a common theme – while having dinner, or a chat in the balcony, pulling each other’s legs or watching TV etc. One of them gave me a blanket as it was too was a very nice gesture! They all helped to make me feel comfortable - the plates were cleaned, clothes were washed and I was offered to join them in the fun!

Anyways, this would be a stint and I would be moving out soon. One of my friends quoted the current scenario as “Iam like a drop of water on a lotus leaf”. Iam fine being that way and appreciating the beauty / fragrance of the lotus. Its evident that I need to tread out of the leaf one day and merge with the ocean!

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