Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Skiing at Christy Mountains

It was golf during the last US visit. Now, it is skiing..yet another interesting sport. What made it more exciting is the $2 per hour lesson from an amicable skiing teacher. She generously extended the class for 4 hours heaping on our interest. First, it was balancing on skis and stopping at will. Then, it was the left and right turns which you maneuver through your toes. As one can imagine, walking up the slope for skiing down is the toughest part. Skiing down takes a few seconds, but every ascent takes 5-10 minutes. Thanks to the heavy boots and the long skis.

If you pass these lessons, then she diligently takes you to the bunny hill – a practice hill for amateurs! The ascent too is quick here. You just hold onto a running rope that pulls you forward. So, by catching the rope and balancing your skis.. you are at top of the hill in few seconds!

It was 5 hours of thorough fun with toppling & tumbling! The heaviness of your mind and the ski boots disappears as you start gliding in the snow!!

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