Thursday, December 02, 2010

Pensive mood

  • “My” mind convulses with nagging contradictory thoughts and worries
  • “My” heart aches for unfulfilled visions and un-manifested thoughts
  • “My” body cries in pain and wants to suffer
  • Expectations from others are growing
  • Being “contented” suddenly seems to be a far dream
  • The so called “purpose” of my living in in jeopardy
  • Juggling with profusion of “Why(s)”
  • Each second is like a trek up and down a mountain
  • Reasons for such bouts of expression are unknown

The irony is all this is happening with the intellectual understanding lingering as below
  • It’s all a well fabricated illusion and gone to an extent of penning it down here.
  • The “I or Me or My” is not it and it encompasses nothing and everything! If it’s the absence then “who” is experiencing the above conditions! If it’s the universal presence, above conditions should be diluted and have no sense
Right now, the question remains..for “whom”?? “WHO????” WHO??????WHO?????

The primordial question alone remains…

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