Monday, November 02, 2009

Uninvited guest

Sunday slumber was suddenly disturbed by an intrusion of a “guest”...that too in the ear ! Yes, my friend got up shouting that something went into her ear and it was trying to fly there………

As the “thing” was not coming out, intuition forced us to put oil in her ears. I guess she felt a violent shake followed by silence. As something has to be done to remove the dead “thing”, we got a bus at wee hours and ran to a near by hospital. Got registered in the emergency category oblivion to the poor service rendered. The “thing” stayed, so the hunt for hospital continued.

Being Sunday and ENT not considered as an emergency, the next two stops did not help either. Finally, we went to a fourth hospital in which we managed to get an appointment after 2 hours. By this time, my roommate was actually getting used to her guest!

Then came the traumatic part – first doctor could not pull the “thing” out from her ear. She tried pump-piston, water, forceps etc. None of the jazzy instruments worked and the doc got scared. It was easy to see the missing expertise and confidence.

Atleast, she escalated the situation and a “hero” made an entry. The look itself said that the new doctor was indeed experienced. With skilled hands, he pulled the “thing” out. He had to repeat the action to pull the “thing’s” legs as well.

The “thing” was a mid sized cockroach!

I salute my friend’s strong will to sustain the entire drama for 5 hours. The highlight is we got her registration plus ID card done for 6 months and 5 years in two famous hospitals respectively.

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