Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thanks to M & B!

Another birthday, this time the bang was from M and B. So, here Iam dedicating this blog to them!

Thanks to M &B for making my day! The cake, flowers and gifts added to the garland of joys!

M was at her best asusual – getting up at 11:50 and opening up cakes/flowers from hideous spots. She was trying hard to make less noise as possible…I promptly got up though!
It was a quiet celebration and both of us were elated!

B came all the way to wish me and that was a sweet gesture! Iam sure he got up early than usual for this! Thanks for the thoughtful gift.. it will be used when I plan my trek to Sahyadris!

Next on the agenda is treat on one of the coming weekends. That will add another memorable page in the book of my life..:-) Thanks guys!

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Rajul said...

Belated Birthday wishes!