Thursday, May 07, 2009

Wild Dogs' Attack!

Darchen is a place in Tibet that you visit enroute to Mt.Kailash from Nepal side. When we landed there on a cold evening - the Tibetan temples, its structures and village setllement prompted me and my friend to explore the place by walk . This happened as soon as we reached the camp site.

We looked at the villagers subjecting themselves to idle-chats with their partners. Took snaps of inquisitive kids who fixed their eyes on us! I was merrily talking to my friend and next instant I was pulled down to the ground by a wild dog. Thanks to the layers of cold clothings I had! There were 3 dogs heavily enagaged in attacking us. Next thing I knew was the drooling tongue hanging out on a background of canine teeth right next to my face. I could feel the dog’s hot breath. For one second, it was like the world coming to to an end!

Suddenly, out of nowhere the villagers came with strong sticks and chased away those dogs! My friend was still standing unlike me and for a second, I was happy that no harm was done to her. The thought was shattered when she quickly informed that she did get a bite on her ankle. I could see the canine mark that went through tough layer of her “trek” shoes onto her skin. We just finished four days of the trip and were yet to start the main trek. Our guide strongly recommended her to go back for rabies shots.

The intentions , preparations and expectations of the trip made us to ignore guide’s suggestion and proceed with the trek. Need to take a moment here to appreciate the courage that my friend donned to make the trip successful!!She did take the shots after a week when we returned to Nepal and continued the doses even after reaching India.


Still Iam wondering what caused the dogs to attack us and why the whole scene is fresh in my memory even after two years!

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