Monday, December 15, 2008

Art of Diplomacy

Is being diplomatic an art? If you don the role of an arbitrator in a conversation, diplomacy comes very handy. Even otherwise as well, it saves you from being in the “bad” books!!

On the other hand, it strains you from speaking up your mind. You may just start lying and cover with the blanket of diplomacy. Being diplomatic means to say what others do not want to hear, you still say it and after you said it – they don’t mind it at all. Given that, it’s an art of what not to speak.

Someone said that being diplomatic is not a good thing cos at one point in time you will forget what you really want to say and try to just say things that you think others don’t mind. And another thing is you jus don’t take sides loosing your true thoughts.

So, do you need to be diplomatic?

If I say “yes” or “no”, Iam not being diplomatic. If I give a paragraph like above and say things like “ its really up to you” or “it depends on situation” then diplomacy is in my dictionary. Ha..That’s again a diplomatic answer.

Its all about pricking the needle without pain and also definitely about when to use that needle!

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