Wednesday, January 09, 2008

More on Vipassana

Vipassana meditation revolves around the word “sensations”. In a 10-day course, first we need to observe our breath continuously as we sit for meditation. That’s how we get the handle to our mind. Then with that handle, one needs to observe the sensations through out the body – starting from head till toes. The exercise gives a good understanding of body and allows reflection to “sensations” that body emulates. These can be pain, throbbing or vibration, flickering etc.. The key is irrespective of whatever the sensations are, we need to just watch them with equanimity. That means no aversion towards pain or no craving towards “nice” sensations! More the practice, more your mind would be trained to maintain equanimity!

How this helps in day today life?

We need to project this concept to our life and be equanimous whether things are going good or bad! Well, its said easier than done!! The mere observing, being a witness to all actions that you do will help you in overcoming the miseries.

This needs a lot of practice, as we have been habituated to react, ponder and draw our conclusions to the situation around us.

The first step on the path of dhamma sows the seed to be in “present”, enjoy the moment rather than thinking of moments in past or future! Whether its dhamma or not, it’s a wonderful way to live life!

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