Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Year 2007 ended with a bang..This “big bang” was totally different. If I describe it as amazing I would only end up humiliating my experience.

-Spent 10 days in a place out of city limits
-Did not talk for10 days
-Did 10 hours of meditation each day
-There were intermittent breaks for food and walking
-Observed nature – trees, plants, frogs, snails, butterflies and other living beings around
-Got an opportunity to practice dhamma – “The Way” taught by Gautam Buddha. Isn’t that hinting at something?
-Opened up inward and started observing the body, breath and sensations
-No mobile, books, treks, music, talk and got cut off from the rest of the world

It may sound boring at the surface, but one has to try it to see how exciting it could be. It opens up new dimensions. One can understand the miseries of life better and how to come out of it. Any one would want to live without misery. Some people just ignore it by saying “I have no miseries”. The first step is to accept it and then to overcome it. I can go on and on..but that’s not the intention.

Let me break it – it was Vipassana Meditation! Check out this for more information.

This meditation technique works and I can guarantee it - the only reason being that I want you to enjoy what I enjoyed and feel the change!

PS: Anischha means “Impermanent”

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